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    We have had nothing be rain, thunder, lightening, and hail these past few days and now a ton of flooding and closed streets in the Chicago area. I am only feet away from potential disaster as I live right near the wetlands. The water has already started overflowing. Soon the wetlands and I will be roommates, though I hope not.

    So, my question isā€¦
    What teas do you enjoy on days like these when your trapped at home because of Mother Nature?

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    All of them. šŸ˜‰

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    As long as I have a tea I like. More important are ways to properly and safely heat the water for the tea.

    But if I have to choose I would choose a tea that gives me strength. A strong black Darjeeling/Keemun or a darker Oolong.


    Good luck. And as long as you stay (at least) a few feet away from disaster you are save.

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    I have been reaching for the dark teas as of late too. Finally opened a brand new bag of the Zealong Everyday Black Tea and I am enjoying it as I watch a pair of ducks relish in the new vastness of my pond (aka Moat). It is a wonderful sight.

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    I feel for you, but I saw your video on G+ and it looks quite exciting šŸ™‚
    Where we are it’s sunny and warm and I find it hard to picture the storm. Spring seems here for real now.
    I”m drinking some of the tropical tea you sent me and it fits the mood outside.

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    I haven’t seen the sun in days but I will say it has warmed up considerably today @jackie I am glad you are enjoying my little care package and don’t forget that we are going to schedule a “Golden Fleece Feast Fest” with @teaformeplease @jopj and @lazyliteratus so no fleece until then.

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