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  • Well, it’s spring again, and with it comes warmer weather. That’s how it is in the Pacific Northwest. I’m . . . not a fan. The reason? With warmer weather comes seasonal chronic migraines; a fun little diagn […]

  • iheartteas wrote a new post, Dear Tea Diary, on the site iHeartTeas 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Dear Tea Diary,
    I think we should take a break. Or maybe break up? I just don’t think we are in the same place right now. I have loved you for as long as I can remember but now it just feels like we a […]

  • It’s not too late.  Buy your tickets, pack your bags, and head to “Hot” Vegas June 11-13th.
    Along with all the speakers and presentations you will have the opportunity to see and taste first hand many of the fi […]

  • Xavier wrote a new post, Back to the future, on the site Teaconomics 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    As you might have noticed (for example here or here) I have an interest in prices of our nice little drink: tea.
    I usually focus on old prices (sometimes among centuries) and I might still do that soon but […]

  • supermoon10 wrote a new post, Scented Orange Pekoe, on the site Tea Stacks 1 month ago

    Working at Murchie’s has been fun both on a tea-blending side, but also in that it allows me to scratch my Tea History itch.

    For those not well-acquainted with Murchie’s, it’s been around a good decade and i […]

    • A big black blending book? Now this is really interesting but perhaps I saw too many Indiana Jones.

  • Xavier replied to the topic Disappearing Drafts in the forum Tea Conversations 1 month ago


  • supermoon10 replied to the topic Disappearing Drafts in the forum Tea Conversations 1 month ago

    Same boat. I’ve had the problem for well over a year now. There was an attempt to see if they were related to my other account problems (being unable to edit my profile or change my Display Name, and my bio no longer inserting on my blog), but no luck. Just sort of… stuck in limbo.

    It’s been a bit of a drag for posting, since reformatting from…[Read more]

  • I don’t consider it spring until I’ve had a first flush Darjeeling in my mouth. This year, though, it took me a little longer to get to my “stash” of first flush Darjeelings. Most years, the family Lochan sends m […]

    • Oh! The times they are changing?
      I should get my hands on a first flush to check these changes for myself.
      Thanks for the tip.

  • I heard on radio last week that big names in the food industry were going for something that up to now for me was something more linked to cryptocurrency (yes I know it sounds horrible but I am sure you have heard […]

  • Several months ago, I had a conversation with a fellow tea nerd about the origin of the tea tree. Y’know, small talk. During the dialogue, he uttered the following assertion that made my imagination boil over l […]

    • Some foods for the thought and a great job.
      After reading your post, I almost wanted to read once more some works by Umberto Ecco.

  • No.
    I never write directly here. I first write my post on LibreOffice in order to have a backup file.

  • Lately I have been creating drafts for blog posts and then having them disappear.
    I don’t know why, but it’s super annoying.
    The pictures uploaded for the drafts are still in my media collection.
    Anyone else had the same thing? I’ve put hours into the same posts twice now and it’s just not there.

  • I am always looking for old books or old references to tea, both because I like history/books and because I like tea. I must confess that I am lucky to have a habit that allows to mix both (it would be nearly […]

  • A visit to Pheonix Tea was on the cards again, but this time, not the wonderful Phoenix Tea of Burien, Washington State, USA, but Phoenix Tea of Hong Kong.

    Google Maps suggested walking in a strange loop out of […]

    • It seems like it was an interesting moment. Honestly? I would have loved seeing and hearing you speak Chinese (mine is even closer to 0 than yours).

  • The Araksa Tea Plantation is, by its own website’s declaration, one of the oldest in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. That’s not to say that it’s the oldest garden, or the oldest processor of teas. But by moder […]

    • That’s a really good question: does the time of plucking have such influence on the way a tea taste?

  • As someone who doesn’t take milk in my tea normally, I’m nevertheless drawn to the various forms of milk tea as a moth is to flame.

    So, just to recap the last 300 blog posts, I’ve drunk thousands of cups of tea […]

    • Even you can change and adapt yourself. Beware, next time you will go for …

    • I’m actually not much of a fan of milk tea or bubble tea, but Hong Kong-style is the only way I like either. So . .. that’s something.

  • Benifuki is an interesting Japanese tea tree cultivar. For one, it’s a cross between a cultivar heralding from the assamica variety, and another cultivar of the sinensis variety. A cross-breeding of this sort w […]

  • Sometimes, all it takes is a photograph to get me excited.

    This was posted back in November of 2017 by one Shiv Saria. The tea in question was a Darjeeling white tea hailing from the Rohini tea estate. In […]

    • Is there a map (better an online one) or a list of estates in Darjeeling (or a list) but one that shows around time which one are operating or not?

      This is something I asked myself after going through your post.

  • I have a good reason for not updating this here blog in awhile, honest. For the last week or so, I was on vacation. As indicated by this dorky tourist capture.

    No regrets.

    Short summary: I was on a […]

    • Ensenada/Catalina run is pretty fun, I’ve done that one but with Princess (my guess yours wasn’t Princess as their food is fancy pants creampuff swans, tiramisu, and scones with clotted cream).

      But yeah, I bring my own tea. All the times I’ve gone the staff are happy to bring me hot water or I hit the buffet and fill a big thermos.

      I’d love to do a cruise with a bunch of tea people one day, a bit hard when friends live on other ends of the country and everything has to be in pairs. Also, I only want to cruise Princess because of my loyalty level (free internet!) and all I care about is the fancy pants food.

    • I am happy that you had a holidays break.

      As for tea, we won’t tell His Highness of down there in the Southern Hemisphere. I swear it. 😉

  • Xavier wrote a new post, I had a dream, on the site Teaconomics 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    I read a few weeks ago about a museum that a famous French designer (Yves Saint Laurent) had two museums exhibiting his work, his inspirations and some of his notebooks with drawings of dresses he made or […]

    • This spurred me to do a quick search for tea museums, of which there are SEVERAL . . . but I like the idea of a museum that is more honed-in on its message. I’d see a Xavier inspired tea museum any day.

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