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    Recently, @jackie posted a video about Sochi tea farmers in Krasnodar, Russia getting ready for the Olympics. It triggered a synapse or two. I’ve been on the hunt for teas from the Dagomys/Sochi/Krasnodar region (yes, all the same thing) for a LONG time. So, I was wondering if anyone new where an American tea geek could find some?

    Yes, it’s for the ol’ blog.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ok you’ve send me back to my collection of teas. I was given a gift of tea which is marked “Russian Tea” although it looks more commercial than “true tea” heres the scoop: Russian Tea 

    Samovar Blend with Mint
    A fruity-flavored blend of fireweed blossoms, black currant & raspberry leaves and mint.
    Made in Nikolaevsk, Alaska by Nina Fefelov 
    “All proceeds are used to purchase food for children in Russia.”
    web:  907-235-6867 
    If nothing else they may have some suggestions
    hope this helps
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    @jopj – Thanks for looking, but that’s not quite what I was talking about. Although, traditional Russian tea for a Samovar DOES include mint, what I was looking for was Russian-grown, not Russian blended. The latter usually is a low-altitude Ceylon. Russians dig that stuff for some reason.

    @Cazort – Every time I’ve gone into a Russian supply store locally, the result is the same…all imported tea from Sri Lanka. Or some kind of blend. Usually Russian Caravan…or crap with strawberry flavoring.

    @xavier – Got some of that. Thanks, though.

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    @xavier – You’re a genius.

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    Anonymous @

    Heheheheellllo there)

    Sorry guys, im tottaly busy for the last wweks. Rapid business grows cause way too much works. Aha. Anyway, @lazyliteratus i did catch your e-mail.

    M? Can you be more precise, what you want me to do? To find and send you that tea? Mmm.. not sure that i will able to find that, but i can ask my assistance to do that. And btw, where do you live? I mean, that address of shipping?



    @Cazort u need some tea from russian too?

    Just a simple “hello!” 2 @xavier

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    @imbapromotion – Oh, I wasn’t asking anyone to ship it to me. I was just wondering if you knew of any place in the U.S.A. that carries it…or at the very least a website? That’s all. Thanks for the reply.

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