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    I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a Tea Wiki on the network. One that anyone with a Tea Trade account could contribute to. There have been attempts at tea wikis in the past so every time I think about it I hesitate. There is wikiCHA, which died quickly after it was started and Michael Coffey, the TeaGeek also runs one that is well established and full of information, but to access it, you need have a paid membership.

    Michael’s Wiki is an extremely extensive compilation of information – but having to pay for access runs counter to the concept of a Wiki. (his reasons for requiring access is perfectly acceptable though – it’s a lot of work on his part and the amount of knowledge available in it is certainly worth money).

    Nevertheless, the software is available to support it within Tea Trade and a wiki would be a natural addition to the many features Tea Trade offers, and would give members an ability to share their knowledge in a more formal way and help build a public encyclopedia of knowledge, of which there is a lot of knowledge. There is so much about tea that goes beyond theory, history, source, region and characteristics. Just like with Wikipedia, there could be articles about tea as a lifestyle beverage and drinking tea in modern times. It could even be a place to build a directory of tea companies with information about them and contact details, who runs them, where they are (even the companies themselves could contribute).

    There is so much that could be done, what do you all think about this idea, and would you contribute your bit of knowledge to the project?

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    Why not?
    Companies? How do you plan to get them update their articles and still keep the neutral feeling to your wiki?

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    Thread closed for lack of interest. We’ve carried on the discussion in a new direction. See this thread: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tea

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