• peter posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    A small announcement. I’ve moved Tea Trade on its final move to a new server, with a different company. Sorry that it has taken so long for this update. @liberteas I’ve already updated your domain name so it should be pointing to the new location. @kittylovestea you’ll need to update your domain name DNS records so they point to the new address. @thedevotea If you are still wanting to host on Tea Trade you’ll need to update your records too. @lazyliteratus I already updated yours so your domain name should be pointing to the new location.

    This transition should all be seamless. I think we lost a couple days posts, because the copy was taken about 2 days ago, I only was able to make the domain name adjustments this morning.

    The new IP address that any domains should be pointed to is – the hosting company I’m using is a more reliable, US-based company than the one I was using before. If anyone has any questions, please let me or @jackie know.

    • We lost some posts but if the new provider is better than the older one…

    • Not entirely seamless, my post from yesterday got deleted in the shuffle.

    • Make that more than one post. Let me know if I need to do reposts myself.

      • @lazyliteratus yeah, I’m sorry about that. The old server is still online, I might be able to go in and extract your posts but I’ll need to know what they are so I can find them. I’d be grabbing them from the database. I won’t have time to do it until this weekend at the earliest, so if you have them, it’ll be faster if you repost them.

        Yes, @thedevotea this new host is already much better than the last. I have a lot more confidence in this one, I even have more control over the server so I can set up a lot protections that will keep everything a lot more stable.

        You have no idea how pleased I am that I finally get to fire those crooks who extorted all that money from me…

    • Any chance you can retrieve those posts? I don’t have a copy of yesterday’s.