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      “Whispering Butiki Contest”

      Win $50 in teas from both Butiki Teas & Whispering Pines! Plus a chance at a $10 gift certificate from both Butiki Teas and Whispering Pines.

      Official contest logo:

      Contest ends Monday, April 14th at midnight Eastern Standard Time. Winner will be announced Tuesday, April 15th.

      What is better than one tea company offering a super awesome contest? Two tea companies offering prizes for a mega awesome contest! That’s right, Butiki Teas and Whispering Pines are teaming up to offer awesome prizes valued at over $100!!!!

      To enter, simply visit and Then in this thread let us know which tea from each site you would be most excited to try and why. Also, post a link to a picture or gif that represents how excited you would be if you win. Your entry will earn 2 entries for posting below but you may also earn an additional entry for posting info about this contest to your Facebook page. Here is what an entry should look like:

      1. Most exciting tea from Whispering Pines & why
      2. Most exciting tea from Butiki Teas & why
      3. Link to gif or picture that describes how excited you would be if you won
      4. Link to Facebook announcement of contest (optional)

      A winner for the $100+ in prizes will be chosen by a random generator ( Additionally, both Butiki Teas and Whispering Pines will each choose one winner for the funniest/cutest/best picture or gif. Those winners will each win a $10 credit to the store that chose their entry. This contest has a possibility of 3 winners.

      Butiki Teas is offering the following prizes: ½ oz Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black, 1oz Hello Sweetie, half oz White Rhino, half oz Lemon French Macaron, half oz With Open Eyes, half oz Purple Sunset Oolong, half oz Wild Huangshan Mao Feng, half oz Flowery Pineapple Oolong, and 1 tin for a value of $50+!

      Whispering Pines is offering the following prizes: 1oz Golden Orchid, 1oz Mint Chocolate Chip Black Tea, 1oz Campfire Blend, 1oz Apple Cinnamon Oolong, 1oz North Winds Black Tea, 1/2oz Spring Jade Tieguanyin, 1/2oz October for a value of $50+!

      We are accepting US & Canadian entries.

      To participate, you may post here, on Steepster, or on Facebook.

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