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      Drinking aside of course..Yes, this question first popped up into Rachel’s head, but I like it and I’m borrowing it for discussion here. My second favorite thing about tea? The socializing around tea. I love it. I don’t know how many happy hours have been spent talking over tea. I have an old friend visiting us soon, someone I haven’t seen in years. Sadly he never liked tea, or coffee for that matter. I remember almost feeling at a loss when he used to drop by, because my first thought was; now how are we going to really talk without tea? ; )
      Well, of course it wasn’t quite like that but I definitely felt something was missing, because I couldn’t start the conversation with the incredibly familiar ritual, of handing my friend a cup and pouring the tea.

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      Socializing, discovering new things/countries/teas…

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      History, culture

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