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    What vegetarian dishes you will all be preparing this holiday season for your family and friends?

    I ask because although I was raised vegetarian my husband was not and still isn’t vegetarian.  So in our home we sometimes eat different things which has exposed our now 5 year old daughter to different eating foods.  We have decided to raise her vegetarian until she can make an educated decision on what she would like to be when she is old enough to make that choice.  Now being exposed to Turkey at school when they are being educated on Thanksgiving and when she sees it on TV makes it tough for us to explain why we are not making Turkey and why. 

    This year I mentioned to her there was something called Tofurkey or to her “pretend Turkey” and ever since she has said she wanted Turkey for Thanksgiving.  Mind you I have never had or made it.  Do any of you have any experience with Tofurkey?

    Long story short… I wondered what my fellow vegetarians were making this holiday season and if you have any “tried and true” recipes that maybe you could share them here.

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    I’ve never heard of the Tofukey but I’m enjoying looking into it. I’m always curious when someone mentions a food I’ve never heard of. Anyway, here’re a couple of recipes with plenty of “stars.” The first two, you’re making your own Tofukey:

    This one you’re using the “out of the box” tofukey:

    Here’s an interesting and fun review of someone who tried cooking it (lots of step by step pics) but their judgment:  a big giant hunk of compressed soy – meh doesn’t sound promising:

    I’m not a Vegetarian although we eat meat most days we actually use pretty little per person. Not more than 3oz per person on average. Plenty of vegetables though. When I do cook an all vegetarian dish it’s mainly vegetable curries, dal – lentil curry at the top with spinach potato Aloo Saag. The complex spices make me not miss meat.

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