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    Sometimes, finding cool images to add to your blog posts ( always does fun things with images) can be difficult. This week, Getty Images, which is pretty much the go to place for stock images on the internet for mass media and everything else, has said that now a majority of their images are available for free to embed on blogs and websites.

    They have a process to make it happen, but more importantly is that the process sucks. Good blogging practices say that you should always credit where you images come from and I encourage anyone who uses images to do so. However, here is a good article and opinion on the move from Getty Images, the author points out, and rightly so, that the move is good, and certainly intended to help WordPress websites enjoy some good imagery, but Getty hasn’t actually made it quite ready for WordPress just yet:

    It may be useful for you all to share tips and tricks about where you go to find and use stock images when you write blog posts.

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    Robert Godden

    I saw this announced and have been meaning to check it out, so this helps! Thanks.

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