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    Innovation is clearly not always a good thing! See what the Brits are up in arms about:

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    Changing things is always a problem.
    Did anyone taste the new blend?

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    I am sure that for these people there are issues more important than a change of a tea recipe.
    But think about it.
    You like something and suddenly the company selling it decide to change it for you (you being the faceless consumer) although most of the times, it might also be to cut costs or to sell it at a higher price.

    What do you do?
    You decide to speak about it and in our modern world, this can create a buzz, which might lead the company to go back to the original.

    Because they are afraid of losing buyers.
    When you think about it, if you manage to give the people a good reason to apply this kind of pressure on tea companies and if the world changes because of that, this will be a good thing.
    But educating the people might be the hardest thing.

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