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    I ran across an old blog post from someone claiming to work for the Sribhud tea factory in Thailand, that suggests that the secret to that unique tea flavor in Thai iced tea is not from added spices but from a form of post-fermentation (like with Pu-erh).
    Pretty intriguing! Has anyone heard anything along those lines?

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    Interesting, but that would certainly be news to me. I understand that Pu-erh is uncommon in Thailand, and I”ve not heard of other post fermented tea from there. I thought the taste comes from the spices, the star anise etc. and the tea itself is basically low quality stuff, fannings mostly with some added dye. I know @thedevotea has had thai tea in Thailand, not sure about anyone else though?

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    I never drank Thai tea so I can’t help you here.

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