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      Ladies, we are running a G+ hangout for Tea Trade ladies every other Thursday at 09:00 pm EST. Regulars include @jopj @iheartteas @thepurrfectcup @teaformeplease @gingkoseto and @teapages: hope to see you again soon! However, we’d like get the word out we welcome all Tea Trade ladies! If you would like to join, just let us know. We’d love to have you. It’s a great way to meet other Tea Traders ladies and chat. From time to time we include guest speakers, male or female. 

      For those of you wondering if we’ll do a mixed hangout sometime, we’ll work on that too.

      Why is this one just for the “girls”? There are other mixed hangouts out there, but sometimes it’s great to discuss the tea world, from a woman’s perspective, so bear with us. Or slip on a dress. Perhaps we won’t notice.


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      I think you would notice me.

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      Robert Godden

      Even though I’m the guest speaker next week, and as usual, it will be all about me, I won’t be slipping on a  dress.

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      *I hope I can join the next hangout! I’ll finish my midterm exams next week and hopefully can have some time breathing 🙂

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