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      Quite some time ago, I had closed off registration to new members for Tea Trade. I did this because I had little time to manage the site and the only registrations we were getting (mostly) were spammers. I spent far too much time dealing with spammers than I did with anything else.

      Tea Trade has been around for about 5 years now, and it’s core users have never faltered in their support, which I, and @jackie, are very grateful for. However, there is no reason to keep it locked down forever (and Jackie has been telling me to open it up again), especially since this is meant to be a social website.

      So, I’ve opened up the registrations, and even opened up the creation of new websites. I’ll be interested to see what interesting new tea faces join and if any interesting new tea blogs show up.

      Anyhow, invite your tea friends to join!

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      🙂 Thanks for the hard work

      Welcome to the newcomers. I saw one with an promising title 🙂

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      Had not heard of this site til tonight reading new article on steep stories, very glad to be here! tea newbie, less than six months, very devoted.

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      Welcome @buddhamomtea I will drink a cup for you.

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      Hi @buddhamomtea Welcome to Tea Trade. If you need any help with anything, just let @jackie or me know. If you are interested in starting your own tea blog, you can do that here (if you run into difficulties anywhere, just let me know, I handle all the technical stuff).

      Glad to have you around!

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      Hi @buddhamomtea – Joining in to welcome you to Tea Trade. We trade plenty of tea stories and adventures here, so are looking forward to hearing more from you when you get a chance. Glad to have you around our tea table!

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