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    Hello dear tea lovers,

    I am studying graphic design in Germany and one of my current projects is a magazine about tea.

    Among other things I want to make an infographics about tea cultivation and consumption (worldwide).
    I would like to show information about:

    1. WHERE is WHICH tea grown mostly? (country/continent, type of tea)
    2. WHERE is WHICH tea consumed mostly? (country/continent, type of tea)

    Does anyone know or have any tips for me, where to get any numbers, information or statistics about these questions?

    I very much appreciate help of any kind:)

    Thank you very much in advance,


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    To try to answer your questions, I don’t know any reliable sources that goes down to the type of tea detail.

    For production and consumption, you can look at the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization http://faostat.fao.org

    For consumption, try this (the data is from 2009 and from the FAO but you have everything already listed) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_consumption


    For trading info, look at the national statistics offices or at the customs.

    You can also look there http://comtrade.un.org

    This last one is probably the most complete source of official information on tea importations, exportations, re importations and re exportations.

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    Robert Godden

    I would have just asked @xavier , so it seems you got the right answer.

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    @thedevotea Thank you for your confidence.

    However, I am sure there are other information sources like the tea associations but when I wrote to some of them (including the German one), I didn’t get an answer.

    And @thedevotea I am sure there are statistics you or others have or know about that I never heard of.

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