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      I think I’ll drop some of the Tagged Tea Posts into this thread, so they are easier to find. This one, by @marmaladys is her entire post. She wrote it in the updates, but somehow our system cut the text short. So here it is in his entirety. Scandalous Tea is of course none other than our @jopj
      By Marmaladys:
      “In Honor of being Tagged by scandalous tea- finally a response.

      1. How was I introduced and fell in love with the wonderful beverage TEA? When I was 12 my mother and I visited two elderly ladies and they served us tea (probably Lipton’s) in silver tea ware with store bought cookies. They explained to me the ritual of afternoon tea in England. From then on, I was enchanted.
      2. What was the very first tea blend you ever tried? Constant Comment and loved it for many years, until I was introduced to loose teas.
      3. When did you start your tea blog and what was your hope for creating it? I started my blog 5 1/2 years ago with the hope that it would bring business to my website, Though I am known on the blog as the ”tea lady”, my blog is not totally tea, but a place for me to think of the little things, the positives, of life with an often mention of tea.
      4. List one thing most rewarding about your blog and one thing most discouraging? Friendships developed is the most rewarding and it does bring people to my business, discouraging that some people don’t realize I have a business unless I am right in their face.
      5. What type of tea are you most likely to be caught sipping? Yunnan Gold, though I don’t find it delights as much as it once did.
      6. Favorite tea latte to indulge in? I must say I started with Oregon Chai, which is now too sweet for me. Occasionally Tazo chai is ordered at Starbucks, which is better. But it is the peppery flavor of Dragon tea lattes that I like best. I hope I have their name correct.
      7. Favorite treat to pair with your tea? I not to long ago took a cheese and tea pairing class with Steven Smith and enjoyed very much; however, if I had to choose I would probably choose a French macaron. How I would love to sit each afternoon with a nice cup of oolong and a pistachio macaron.
      8. If there was one place in the world that you could explore the tea culture at, where would it be and why? I have experienced oolongs in Taiwan, a huge treat that was. My next choice would be Yunnan Provence of China for black and puerh teas. I have yet to find a black or puerh I don’t love from Yunnan, it would be totally fun to visit there and taste from the source.
      9. Any tea rituals you have that you would like to share? I always feel that making my first pot of tea each morning is a bit of a ritual by just choosing the tea, the vessel, and what would delight me to have with the tea. I am also part of the Northwest WuWo Tea Association and monthly we enjoy having tea outdoors and or tea tastings in someone’s home in the winter.
      10. Time of day you enjoy drinking tea the most? Each morning I look forward to my first pot of tea. It’s a good reason to face the day.
      11. What one thing do you wish for tea in the future? Like the one that tagged me, more loose and fine teas in more public places, plus more switching from coffee to tea.

      Whew! Thanks Jo for tagging me, it was fun!

      Not sure who I would tag, so leaving it at that.

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