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    Anonymous @

    I’d like to introduce you to Palanquin Tea.
    We are in the process of setting up a website and I’d like any help with promoting it that I can get.
    I’ll leave more info and details of promotions regularly.
    All the best, Martin

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    Hi @spicedtea – The best board for this kind of topic is the “Tea Promotions” board where companies can post their special offers, and other promotions.
    The best way to get help with promoting new start-ups is to become a regular contributor Tea Trade, with input posted in the general discussions, on blogs, or other forum boards. That’s a great way to get your name out there to the tea community and gain a fine reputation.
    Cheers, good luck with your new venture!

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    Welcome to Teatrade.

    What kind of teas will your company sell?

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    Anonymous @

    Hi, Thanks for the kind words Jackie and Xavier,

    I’ll be describing each of our teas over the next few days, but in the meantime here’s a little about us at Palanquin.
    In 1993 when Mukesh Popat started trading, Spiced tea in a teabag was not available. He was the inventor and pioneer in producing spiced tea (masala chai) in tea bags and made this delicious drink more accessible and convenient for tea drinkers worldwide.

    Our Spiced Tea is a blend of freshly ground spices mixed with premium quality Kenya tea, and is our bestseller for almost twenty years.

    Since then, he has created even more innovative and pleasing tea blends, so today we can offer you eight different teas all blended, ground and packed by us, here in Essex.

    We have a range of great tasting caffeine, caffeine-free and herbal teas, they will all be available to buy online very soon, in fact as soon as I can get my head around our confounded website, I suppose I should just get a 12 year old to make the site, they seem to know so much about computers!!

    Retailers, Caterers and Tea drinkers will be able to buy, and I have decided to include postage and packing so that nobody is hit with additional charges at the final checkout. What you’re quoted is what you pay – easy.

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    @spicedtea – Welcome to Tea Trade! If you are having any issues setting up your site or have any kind of questions, please send me a Private Message using our messaging system and I’ll help you. I’m your personal Tech Support guy around here and am always available to help guide you as you go along and learn.

    On the other hand, if doing it yourself really isn’t your thing, we also offer web design services for a pretty reasonable fee. I’ve setup a couple of our sellers already with custom built websites just for them. Our turnaround time on this is generally less than two weeks and you get a polished, professionally-made online store. I’m sure we can put together something nice for you. Let me know if you are interested.

    Tea Trade, Developer

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