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    I admit “Scottish” is not a foreign language, though, that might actually be debatable. Anyway, if you’re interested in Edinburgh & tea, here’s for you. It could be useful even though it’s made by little Red Riding hood. 

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    Anonymous @

    Alright, everyone who’s up for a trip to Edinburgh? What do you all say to a tea meetup? However, it may take me until 2013 or 2014 to get there.

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    Little known fact….

    @jackie and I got married in Edinburgh, and had tea at this place.. It sounds kind of like tourist trap when you look at the website, but it isn’t at all. Looks and feels like an ordinary cafe in the city. Jackie’s cousin lived in a flat across the street.

    Edinburgh is great city, looking forward to going back for another visit someday… 😛

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    @jackie This is not Little Red Riding Hood but Tea Red Riding Hood.

    Thanks to her, if I ever go to Edinburgh, I know where I can go to have a cup of tea.

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    Anonymous @

    I’m budding Caledonophile, so count me in for tea! @Rachana — It will take me a bit too, but I’m happy to be your travel buddy in 2013 🙂

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    @robmarch do you know these tea rooms mentioned in the “Red Riding Hood” vid? Any recommendations to add? 

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    Anonymous @

    *Nah, I’ve not been to any of them, gonna have to give them all a go though!

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