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    I still wonder in Mexico , Latin America and US why people dont go for Pure tea. Infact I have seen people opting for blended fruit tea. To get the real taste of tea it is indeed necessary to develop a taste of Pure Tea.

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    I can think of 3 reasons:
    3rd) Most tea+whatever have a more outspoken taste than most loose leaf tea’s. Therefore they are more suitable for those with barely developed tastebuds.

    2th) Because they don’t know better. If you are used to Lipton-like tea than a ‘tea-with-a-taste’, even a chemical one, makes it worthwhile. When they start to drink higher quality tea this is the start of their path and not a few don’t go further into the leaf than this.

    Education can do a lot of good work here.

    1st) More importantly it depends on what the drinker wants. If (s)he wants to go deep in the leaf then yes most of it should be pure tea, although some tea with additives should be part of the curriculum to learn the effect that additives have.
    However if the goal is to just enjoy tea (without too much fuss) then the choice should be what the drinker likes, regardless of what has been added to it or not (if healthy of course, but even then…).

    That said, although I’m not a fan of tea with additives, there are some excellent tea+whatever out there.

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