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      Just a quick tip for making sure your posts here in the promotions and specials board are relevant. When posting, include in the title of the post the company name, short detail of the promotion (10% off, coupon code, etc) and the expiration date if there is one.

      For example: Atlantic Coast Tea Importers 75% sale – ends Jan. 5

      Having the expiration date in the title makes it easier for people when scanning the board to find deals that are still running.

      For Vendors:
      If you are a vendor, you are welcome to post your promotions in this board.

      As a representative of your company, we would prefer that you use your internal company email address (if you have one), not the customer service address. We encourage vendor representatives to participate in discussions in these forums and we provide this board as a courtesy to you to connect tea drinkers with your promotions. For that, having good contact information available to us is important.

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