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    I know a lot of you do their own blends.
    I just found that Adagio allows you to do nearly the same: http://www.adagio.com/signature_blend/create_new.html?SID=7279051bc64048c34c78f0c9bc211e20

    What do you think of this? Good, bad, not at all like a true home-made blend?

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    Xavier, I know a number of Tea Traders have done just that, @iheartteas for sure. @keenteathyme too I think. I think Rachel created all sorts of teas there.

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    There are several companies that have a similar service.  A couple of them are:  Design a Tea and Ovation Teas.  There are also companies like Mad Pots of Tea and Blends for Friends that will blend a tea for you based upon your likes/dislikes and/or personality profile that you submit to them. 

    I used to flavor/blend my own teas and operate my own tea business, but decided a couple of years ago that it was time to close it. 

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    So many companies? Impressive.
    Is this rather popular in the United States?

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