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      Is there a way to turn on auto-notification (email) when someone comments on a thread I’ve participated in?

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      Thanks for stopping by, this is a feature we are working on. There is a notification system, but it isn’t working properly with the forums yet. It is a bug/feature we are tracking but it remains elusive. 
      The forum software we are using is basic and there is a lot of development going on right now with it and we intend to upgrade our forums to a newer version in the not so distant future. This puts us in one of those classical Info Technology connumdrums where we have to decide if it is worth the time and effort to hammer out bugs which will be fixed automatically in a the newer version. For now, we’ve been taking the “let’s wait” stance since we know the fix is already in the pending version of the software. 
      I do realize the importance of the notifications, they already work properly across our activity stream and @ notifications, but the forums have been a little finicky with it.
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