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    From the New York Daily News: “Can tea help you in the bedroom?” Apparently, all it takes is a cup of Ceylon tea. Brew up those luscious leaves and have away at it in an instant. Without that tea, you’re likely sprawled out on the sofa instead. Bag of chips in hand, watching reality TV. Funnily enough we just bought some yesterday. Before we read the article. We just like the stuff. Might not be online now for a couple of days though. In the name of research of course.

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    Sex and TeaThese guys are so behind the times. I wrote about this years ago on Leafbox Tea (and the idea wasn’t even original to me, I just made it look cool.) Are you getting enough sex with your tea?

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    Did you check the price? “sells a small 60-gram jar of premium Ceylon for $350”

    That’s 5,833 $ for one kilo or 588,33 for 100 g…


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    Of course. Sex multiplies. The price that is.

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