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    Twenty years ago I bought in China Town, San Francisco a tea that was called Monkey Tikuyin, picked up by trained monkeys was written in the can. I’m traying to find this tea again but I don’t find anything under that name. Some can help me and knows exactly which kind of tea is this?

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    Try Tie Kuan Yin or Tie Guan Yin or variations on that name. You probably had some variation of that tea where they put monkey in the name.

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    @maria a more common anglicized spelling you will often find is tie guan yin otherwise called, The Iron Goddess of Mercy. This may be why any internet searches you tried weren’t much help.

    Tony Gebley once wrote a little blurb about it and describes the Monkey Picked part. I also found a generic website that also has a longer write up about it all here.

    Without making any endorsements at all, here are six online retailers that sell it. I found them through Google and list them in no particular order. Quality and value may vary. No doubt there are others.

    Samovar Teas

    Aroma Tea House

    The Fragrant Leaf


    Imperial Tea Court

    Red Blossom Tea Company

    If you end up ordering some, I’d be really interested to know which one and what you thought of it be sure to come back and let us know how it went! Of course, I’m most interested in finding out how it lives up to the memory and if it satisfies a 20-year-old craving. 😉

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    A search on steepster for “monkey ti” gives 21 results.


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