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      What are your thoughts on bubble tea? I have yet to try some. Here’s a link to an article in the Huffington Post with the news that McDonalds in Germany now serves up bubble tea. 

      Does that mean we’ll be getting it here? If we do I hope they don’t use this ad. Who else has tried bubble tea? 

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      I would love to see it here more readily but I suspect their version on Bubble Tea would not meet my expectations.  I enjoy real tea in my bubble tea with minimal additional artificial ingredients and added sweetener.  Let’s face it McDonalds is not known for its purist methods. I suspect it would be more like a milk shake with tapioca pearls.  Not what I’m into but fear may appeal to the main stream and take away the appeal of “traditional” Bubble Tea from those businesses who try to remain a little more traditional with an already novelty type tea concoction.  Basically, it’s going to create a false impression of what Bubble Tea is and hurt the little guys that are already doing it and have been well.   I guess this means I’m not for it.

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      I’m not sure if I want to try it (or remember it) next month when I’m in Hamburg. It is probably quite sticky and nothing like tea. But it could surprise me.

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      You know what is funny Bram? I thought the same that perhaps next month when I am in Hamburg I will try to get some (try as I am not really a Mc Do fan).

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      By the way, it’s interesting that Chan McTi, McDonald’s German bubble tea ambassador-cum-lunatic, has sparked a small race row.


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      Robert Godden

      Erik, I think it would be more newsworthy if McDonalds were accused of GOOD taste. Less likely, I suppose. 

      Here they portray Australians as beer drinking morons who can’t wait to shove a burger up their face. That doesn’t sound right.

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