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      First off…we are always here to help! So, if you have any questions please just send me or Pete a message!

      Second: Has everyone caught up with Pete’s post on our Tea Trade blog about Marketplace 2.0? Big changes going on right now. Here’s the link to that:

      Next: Blogs; most of you have chosen beautiful themes already, if you are still using the “default” theme, with the trees, you can change this in your dashboard. Left column: Appearance, Themes. You can also add widgets there. If you need help, again pm us!

      And finally: General finding your way around here. Make sure you have the “Activity” stream set to “All members” if you want an overview of what everyone is saying, or blogging about. If you’ve only got yourself on there, or two “friends” it’s a bleak tea world. Which reminds me, since our numbers are still quite manageable here, it’s nice to be “friends” with everyone. Go to “Members” at the footer and request a tea friend. 🙂

      Thanks everyone, you’re a phenomenal bunch of tea drinkers,

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