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    It was Obubutea who linked to this article with the question: 2 cups of radiation tainted shizuoka tea = same amount of radiation as 1 banana?
    Thought provoking!

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    The breakdown is interesting, but I think there’s something that might be getting overlooked.  If the 500 beqs is the limit for un-processed tea, that means someone’s already done the math at some point to break that down into per-serving post-process exposure.  It wouldn’t make sense to set that as the limit, otherwise. 
    And while for some, the breakdown per serving in the article doesn’t seem like much, you have to consider that there are many who consume multiple, multiple cups of green tea each and every day, whereas few people would eat more than 1 banana a day (or even in a week, depending).
    I DO think the extent of the radiation issue is over-hyped, but I don’t agree that drinking the known-to-be-radiated tea is as harmless as that article would make it seem.  If people were only sipping a cup or two here and there, but even at 88 beqs per serving, multiple servings everday would still be a bit much, when there are other sources of tea known to not be radiated. 

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