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    Is there a character limit on blog comments?  I’m trying to post a long one, but it keeps disappearing…  (@peter, I think this goes to you)

    Also, is there a way to retrieve a comment lost to said character limit?  I accidentally overwrote it on my clipboard. 🙁
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    @teachange – I’m sure both comments are there, so that’s the good news. I know that because they appear in the activity stream. What’s happened is that they are stuck inside @lahikmajoe‘s dashboard. When he checks there, he’ll see them either mistakenly in the spam folder or in the pending one. He should release them to you at once : ) Though I suspect he’s asleep when you posted them, so hasn’t had the chance to look at it yet. If in doubt, just look at the activity stream, if they post there, then they’re not lost! The activity stream shows everything that’s been added, posts, comments, updates etc.
    To everyone: please – please check your dashboard on a regular basis, and see if you have any comments that need approving.

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    Awesome!  I was hoping that would be the case, as I put rather more thought and effort into the comment than I’d like to see vanish into the Aether.  Thanks, @jackie!

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