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    Read what the Washington Post said

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    It is well-known that tea, especially, green tea, is very useful for our health. And Americans try to care about themselves. What about British and others?

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    A lot of things are good for health.
    I don’t drink tea because it is good for health (if it really is) but because I like it.

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    It is ok that health and teabags get more people into tea. I just hope for them that is does not stop there and they grow into better quality tea and enjoyment.

    I think that with the British and Dutch tea drinking comes more from culture than health issues. However I think the health reason does have its influence on the tea choices people make (for example drinking more green tea and some puerh). I.e. the way the tea landscape looks like.

    Luckily there is also a rise in demand for more quality teas for more enjoyment. (and showing of unfortunately)

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