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      I was in Switzerland to see an old friend and she told me that while travelling in Asia for work, she had been given a Pu-Erh but she has no info on it (when, what,… how long should it mature?).

      Here is a link to pictures I made (

      I told her that you were the best of the best. ,)

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      Ha ha, we may be the best of the best but nobody aside from @gingkoseto speaks any Chinese language. Wait, @tea-author does. Warren, are you able to shed any light on this Pu’er?

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      Warren Peltier

      @jackie I could translate it, but I can’t open the photo link from here. If @xavier emailed me the photo instead, then I might be able to help.

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      Here is @tea-author ‘s translation and his comments.

      The yellow label says:
      Chen Zhuang Registered Trademark
      Yunnan Province Famous Brand
      Puerh Tea
      500 Grams
      Kunming Tian Pin Tea Limited Liability Co.

      Inner booklet:
      Yunnan Chen Zhuang Puerh Tea
      Puerh Brick Tea
      Shou Tea (checked) /Sheng Tea

      Product Name: Zhuang Chen Brand Book-Shaped Puerh Tea
      Ingredients: Quality Large-leaf Variety Tea
      Net Weight: 500 Grams
      Quality Grade: Special Grade
      Product Standard Code: GB/T22111 (a code for puerh tea)
      Food Safety Inspection Certificate Number: QS5300 ******
      Shelf Life: Suitable for long-term storage.
      Storage Method: Keep away from  dampness, odors, store in unpolluted environment.
      Address: Zhongpiying, Longquan Town, Kunming, Yunnan province
      Tian Pin Tea Brand Store
      Address: Kunming, Kangle Tea Shopping Center
      Production Date: March 1, 2010

      So basically, it’s a shu brick tea puerh, of 500g, from a regionally branded tea company based in Kunming. Where the material comes from – the packaging doesn’t say.

      They list their brand store in a tea market – seems like it’s a small company.

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      Any idea on how long my friend should wait before she begins drinking it?

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      Warren Peltier

      @xavier It’s one of those fully-cooked puerhs, not the raw (sheng) kind, so your friend could drink it anytime. Aging it is not going to make any difference.

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      @tea-author Thanks.

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