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    I recently was in need of new tea canisters and search around on the internet to see if I could find any good deals. They always seem expensive to me! However, I found these at Bed Bath and Beyond:

    $20 for all seven air and light tight containers. Plus, they look good too! I did have to bend/adjust part of the metal on one of them a bit by hand (easily done), to make the lid fit just right. Other than that, they work perfectly! Thought I’d share!

    Does anyone else know of any places to get good deals on canisters similar to this. I would like to get a few more smaller ones for on the go.

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    I clicked on the link and it says that the product is no longer available, it didn’t have a picture either.

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    I too clicked the link and there was nothing on their site. I got some canisters at Target, four total complete with scoop. I use it to keep herbs in. But it works well. I also found some at Sears too. I suggest hitting up any store with a home goods section.

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    Anonymous @

    Sorry, try this one

    They had it in the store near me too.

    @thepurrfectcup Thank you! I’ll look around and see what I can find. How large are the ones from target? One of the ones that came in the set I got holds about 2 ounces. I’d like to find a few more around that size.

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    Actually the ones I had from Target looked a lot like the one’s from Bed Bath and Beyond. Only mine were square and only came with four canisters.

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