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      This is research for a uni project. I would be really grateful if you could answer these questions on your tea habits.


      (please state which country you are from)

      1) How do you make your tea?
      2) Do you have any unusual habits when making tea?

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      Robert Godden

      In a teapot, tea tumbler or cha dao cup, depending on the exact amount of tea needed at any given time.

      I usually extract the amount of tea that feels right from the container digitally (i.e. I use my digits!), boil the kettle, let it cool a little for some teas the pour the water in.

      Steep until it feels and/or looks right.

      No measurements, timers or thermometers.

      Good luck with the research. It sounds like a fine idea.

      I am in Australia!

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      You could gave posted these questions in one topic you know.


      1) depends on the circumstances. At work I fill a mug with boiled water, put a filter with tea in it steep and ready. At home I have the option of a teapot instead of a mug, a gaiwan, a Kyushu and a match-bowl (still not get that working). The first two types:  bring water on temp with electrical heater, usually after boiling once, pour it on tea in steeping vessel; steep and remove tealeaves or water from the vessel.

      2) Not that I am aware of.


      Now my questions to you: for what class are you doing this project? Did you choose tea or someone else? What are your answers to these questions?


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      It’s initial research for a graphic design project.

      I had to chose a subject that I was personally interested in. I have already looked at people’s general usage, type, sugar, teapot/mug ect. Now I want to get a deeper feel of what people think of the tea experience.

      Teabag in mug. Kettle boiled water poured straight onto bag. Milk. Stir. Teabag out.

      I don’t use a spoon, just stir with the teabag.

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      Robert Godden

      That is not a tea experience, @tashateacup. That is a substitute for a tea experience, and a poor one at that.

      Probably best not to mention teab*gs around here. Certain people get very cranky.

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      I make tea for quickness. This is why  I want to observe others.

      But that is my everyday tea habit. I have previously worked at a tea house and enjoy lots of different teas and for different reasons.

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      Don’t worry about teabags @tashateacup. Only certain people get cranky ha ha. Anyway, why don’t you join in on Tea Trade even when there’s no survey? Always nice to have new contributors.
      Anyway: loose leaf, mostly use the Breville (an automated kettle/teamaker) The Breville is kettle and teapot in one.
      Unusual habits? Gosh, who knows what kind of answers people might come up with. Anyway, I don’t think so…Except perhaps that I have a couple of favorite morning mugs. Doesn’t sound terribly peculiar though does it?
      I’m in the USA.
      You’re in England?

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      I usually have enough time between filling the kettle and pouring the boiling water on the tea to fill the basket. So it ain’t that much extra work.  ( if I ignore the cleaning of the filter, which isn’t hard either). But I agree that a teabag can be useful from time to time. Therefore I have some quality teabags in my travelkit. For one or twice a year.  I also have TSacs, but I haven’t used those. (actually others did use mine, because there were no coffeefilters…)

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      I drink loose leaf but my habits depend on where I am (at home, at work, …).

      I live in France.

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      I brew in a kyusu, or if drinking matcha then in the matcha bowl. The precise method of brewing depends on the type of tea, and I usually drink green tea.

      I live in Colombia, but learned about tea when I lived in Japan.

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      Warren Peltier

      Making tea really depends on tea type, tea quality, and the present situation. If at home, for convenience, I choose a medium-grade work tea (any type – jasmine, oolong, green, white, black), steeping it in a travel cup with a filter (or glass mug with filter) – which I use as steeping vessel. This type of cup is wide enough to instantly dump out used leaves, and easily washed with a bottle brush. For added quickness and convenience, I steep twice or thrice my tea, decanting infusions into insulated cups; imbibing as needed.

      When I have little time, attending seminars and university lectures, I carry a travel cup with filter – first steeping the tea with hot water, then adding cool water to keep the leaves from stewing. This type of cup works best with black, oolong, puer teas.

      When I desire a taste of very fine tea I have two options: a) brew the tea myself at home using gongfu tea ware (gaiwan or small porcelain teapot for: black, white, green, jasmine tea; zisha teapot for yancha) or b) bringing a few packets of fine tea to the teahouse for enjoyment and sharing with friends when I want to chat. These two options however, require the time to devote to tea preparation and enjoyment.

      I don’t know what would qualify as an unusual habit. I live in China.

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