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      There’s a very trendy area of Munich called the Glockenbachviertel. Had a meeting there today, and it was such a pleasure to have real Italian ice cream and then walk down to the Isar River with my dogs Ella and Louis.

      Luckily, I’d packed a flask of Lapsang Souchong, which I drank while the canines frolicked around me.

      Summer in Bavaria. Not too shabby.

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      This is exactly the sort of post @lahikmajoe that would fit perfectly into the activity stream. What I mean is, while it’s a forum post right now, it makes for interesting reading in the updates. Where it says “What’s new?” in the activity stream, there’s a little box to scribble away. Then just hit “post update.”

      It was fun to picture you strolling along the banks of the river Isar, eating ice-cream and drinking tea while the pups run along happily. Summer’s nice Ken, thanks for posting. 

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