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      I love the new look, but I don’t love how difficult it is to get started selling. Any guidance would be appreciated… I can’t figure out how to set up the teas I want to sell from my LeviTea blog. Please don’t make me look elsewhere! 🙁 There’s a 2-oz package of my new Pink Pearls blend in it for whomever can help…

      Thanks. 🙂
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      Thanks for posting this. Pete and I just had a somewhat lengthy chat about the issues you are having, so I went ahead and tried to create a store as a complete novice. Thing is, I’m so involved in the site, that I don’t often see things from the perspective of someone starting out. Anyway, I myself have never needed to create a store. Pete of course knows all the details of the marketplace/store like the back of his hand. However, I wanted to test and see what’s it like when you’re new to all this?

      Following my test run, we will be making some adjustments here and there, hoping they’ll help anyone setting up a store. First of all, in testing I realized that the info is actually all there, however in my haste I sometimes skipped over it, or for some reason I simply didn’t see it. The “marketplace” also has a link to info.

      Here’s what I learned, and in a nutshell what you must do to set up your store: I’m just writing this in “plain language” terms.

      First off: You must be a “Tea Trader” to sell your products. Being a “Tea Trader” doesn’t just mean you’re a member of Tea Trade, it means you’re a paying member of Tea Trade. The costs to join the program are very low.

      To get all the info you need you must click on “Tea Trader” in the dashboard of your  blog. The 2nd important step you must take is; click on “further details.
      (I skipped that the first time round, Pete’s going to redesign this part.) Once you have signed up, you will see a new tab appear in your dashboard. It’s called “Products.” This is where you set up and organize everything for your store. Click on “Store Settings.” There’s a great little “help video” which you must watch 🙂 You’ll see the big red arrow pointing to “help” and the rest of the page has further instructions on how it works. It’s actually quite easy once you get going.

      I think that’s pretty much all the info you need to get started. However, please let me know if, or when you have more questions, because your input helps us too!


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      OK, cool… The thing is, I’ve tried to sign up for the paying member of Tea Trade, and there just isn’t an option anywhere on either of my blogs. Am I missing something? I definitely don’t want to create yet another blog (which I did again thinking I was missing something, I even created a new username). Is there any way I can keep LeviTea as my Tea Trade store (providing I pay first, of course!)? I spent nearly 45 mins going all through the site trying to find the link… I finally gave up…bummer.

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      Look for the Tea Trader link in your dashboard. The signup and payment options are on that page. You can get to it directly into your dashboard, if you are logged in by following this link. (that link won’t work for anyone else, it only goes into your website.)

      Once you’ve signed up, you’ll then have the Products menu available in your dashboard. In that menu, start with Store Settings. There is a full help page to familiarize you and you’ll want to work your way through the tabs settings things up.
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