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    Does your Teavana tea taste different brewed at home than sampled in the store? I’ve never thought about that, mostly because I haven’t bought any tea I’ve sampled from them. I have purchased some of their tea, but only one or two. The samples I tried in-store were sweetened and therefore ruined their chances of returning home with me. Anyway, just got done reading two interesting posts “Why doesn’t the Teavana tea I brew at home taste like it does at the store?” on Consumerist and one titled “Teavana’s dirty secret. Why the tea you brew doesn’t taste like the store samples.” on Journal Sentinel. Both are interesting. Wonder if you’ve ever felt that way too?

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    There are so many reasons why tea in store can taste different from at home. For example the water of the details of the brewing method. Even smell and visual difference between home and store can matter.


    That said, I will have to read the articles to get an idea about whether they use dirty tricks to improve the store experience.

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    I’m not familiar either with buying brewed teas from their store. The few that I’ve bought there I brewed using my own guidelines and the results were good.

    I wonder, why would their teas have less taste, or are they using more tea than recommended on purpose to encourage people to use more tea?

    I use small cups, so drinking out of 8 0z or 16 oz cups is pretty much foreign to me. My biggest yunomi holds 4 oz filled to the brim.

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    I don’t know @riccaicedo – I think they use more tea in-store to intensify the flavor. Since they are not recommending more tea in their brewing guidelines, I can’t see how this would encourage people to use more tea. They wouldn’t know why their tea didn’t taste the same, they would simply be disappointed.

    By the way I like drinking out of smaller cups but they are too much work…I’m not going to elaborate, I’ll make this a quick forum question. You inspired me ; )

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    This is something I never look at and that I disagree with in most tea saloons.

    I went into one this week-end and ordered several different teas.

    I felt they were too strong and I looked at the way they made it: so much spoons and so little water for me.

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