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    Hi, I am a tea taster and an auctioneer by profession. However, in order to pursue my passion more aggressively, I am also working closely with small gardens producing premium teas in the region of Darjeeling and Nepal. While discussing with one of the gardeners the other day, I wonder if there are tea drinkers who would be interested in buying fresh teas and pay shipping charge(FEDEX or DHL) to have the teas reach to them in like 10-12 days from the time of production???

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    Yes, I am sure people would be interested but it all depends on the shipping charges. How much are tea lovers willing to pay for the freshness? Do you already have an idea about what kind of charges customers would be looking at?

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    Well, based on the knowledge I have been able to gather, there are organisations charging double to triple premium to provide the fresh teas to them. Regarding the ship[ping charges – its $12 for 1 pound and $2.5 for every extra pound thereafter.

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    @himalayantealight I think I’d like to get tea fresh off the factory like that. That sounds like a rather special treat. How do you envision the buying and selling part of this? I assume that there would be pretty limited quantities available, but what about individual costs? Those shipping costs are reasonable, but what about the costs of the tea?

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