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    I’m going to start this one off with a tea statement by the ever-so-eloquent @thedevotea:

    If I was going to hit someone with a cricket bat with glued on Strawberry Cream Tea, Iā€™d recommend they hold some milk and sugar at the time for the full experience.

    If you find a quotable tea comment somewhere, share it in this thread. Only modern and contemporary tea thinkers count – so no quotes by dead people….!

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    Oh, well everything I’ve said so far šŸ˜›

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    Robert Godden

    That’s from the same blog where I said something HILARIOUS about coffee drinkers, but I guess that doesn’t qualify.
    There’s a few modern ones that I’ve seen floating about via @godsoftea. I think my favourite is from @leafboxtea:

    It’s OK to start with tea and end up naked

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