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    I’m having trouble deleting a “sold” tea from my marketplace. The issue is that the tea wasn’t actually sold, I ended up trading with another teaist for it. I’m using Google Chrome, so maybe that’s why things aren’t working right… but I’d appreciate any advice in deleting this tea I no longer have from my marketplace. 🙂

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    @keenteathyme – this is easy. Simply log into the Marketplace and in the dropdown menu under your username select Items. From there you will be presented with a list of items. Select the item you want to delete and click on the trash can icon.

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    Yeah, I had to figure out this feature a few weeks ago because I sold one of my teas to my boss who’s wife reads my blog. Since I could just hand him the tea, we didn’t do the transaction over the Tea Trade website.  Thus, I had to delete the tea.

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