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      In my travels across the WordPress community this week (Tea Trade is powered by WordPress, so I work hard to stay current) I came across a blog post about how a blogger and his team turned a new WordPress news blog into a machine turning $3,000 month in income to their company. One of the fascinating things about it, is that they went from no income on the blog, to that $3,000 a month in only 143 days.

      Retrospective: Building a $3K per Month Blog in 143 Days

      I admit that the title of the post sounds like one of those money making spam comments that we so often see, but it isn’t. The post is detailed, well-written and includes numerous links to other posts related to the process that the blogger and his team followed.

      Here are some of the key takeaways from this:

      Prolific blogging. The blogger notes that at one point, he was writing up to 4 posts a day. That is a lot by any standard. There is only one blog on Tea Trade that gets anywhere close to it. There are two aspects of prolific blogging and that revolves around not only quantity, but quality. If you your posts are crap, then your results and readership will be crap.

      Discipline. The ability to persevere. Blogging is hard and in order to get it done, you need what the Germans call sitzfleisch (literally: butt-meat) which so poetically refers to the ability to endure.

      There is more to it, of course, it takes planning, effort and and understanding of many different aspects of blogging. That includes things that often go forgotten or even poorly considered, like how the blog looks and feels (design is a significant part of success). Typography and layout impact the reader’s attention.

      At the end of the day, it comes down to attracting readers using content that is interesting to read and engage about on a website that is visually attractive and easy to use.

      I’m posting this because I want to start a conversation about it and also because (now that I’ve finished school and have more time to help) I want to move Tea Trade and its bloggers up a notch. We already have some of the best tea bloggers online on the network and literally some of the best writing about tea occurs here, but I see plenty of room for improvement.

      I’d love to here what your thoughts and questions are on this topic. I do have the ability to help so chime in and let me know!

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      Robert Godden

      Let’s experiment. Everyone send me some money and I’ll report back with the info!

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      You can make money as a blogger, it’s definitely not easy, but a lot of blogs earn a good income.

      The big question is if tea is a good niche to make money off blogging. In my limited experience, I tend to think that it isn’t. What I see is that at least tea bloggers get free samples, which is some form of remuneration, although small.

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      It’s definitely difficult. I’ve tried various means with my blog. Although I’m not prolific as the person who wrote the article, I do publish daily. Patnering my YouTube channel for the last two months has been the most successful so far, earning me a total of $0.94 😛

      I do get a rather ridiculous amount of free tea for reviews so I can’t really complain. My domain name costs me something around $10 a year and that is virtually my blog’s only expense.

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      I honestly haven’t tried to make money but if it is something I could do I wouldn’t be opposed. However, at this time I just enjoy it as an outlet for my many ramblings. The short of is, I have no idea if you can make money blogging or not but would love to hear about successes for those who are earning a regular and significant earning.

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      Robert Godden

      I make no money for blogging and I am brilliant. So QED the answer is no.

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      I found an article that gives some examples.

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      @riccaicedo – Thanks for sharing the article. I only actually knew one of the ones that were talked about. So while they’re making lots of “impressions” they hadn’t impressed me (yet.)

      posted an interesting article on this subject on G+. Worth a read, money we can only dream of.

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