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    Anonymous @

    Hello everybody, I hope this is the right website for this but recently I’ve really got into loose leaf tea and I’ve been looking high and low and haven’t found much of quality. 
    I tried T2 but the flavors were always too dull for me to enjoy, I’m not sure if that just me, or if i’m not doing it correctly, but anyway. 

    I was at the Caribbean market this Sunday and found a cute little stall selling loose leaf tea, so I thought why not and gave it a go. 

    It was magnificent! They call themselves BeauTea (as in beauty!) and they had a few herbal varieties as well as a green tea and English breakfast I think it was.

    It’s all organic and their herbal range is certified organic!

    Check them out, because they really did the trick for me! The Echinacea Boost is a great substitute for coffee and I don’t need to ad a thing! is their website, I really suggest you check it out! 

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    Robert Godden

    *Forgive me for asking, Joshua, are you involved with this company? This reads like some spam comments that get appended to our blogs.

    If so, there is a promotions section. 

    The mention of T2 makes no sense. They aren’t my favourite tea company – in fact they are my direct competitor in many ways –  but they have over a hundred teas so your blanket statement is hard to take.

    Also, there is no information as to where this market is, what country etc.

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    Unfortunately, @thedevotea, yes, this is spam (to a degree). @joshua11, is the owner of this operation and from the looks of it he’s rather young so I’m going to go easy on him at the beginning here and give him a chance to become a contributing member of our community. 

    The email address used to register links back to a blog which is directly connected to the store website. If I mark Josh as a spammer today, due to our connections with some rather influential anti-spam databases (Project Honeypot, Stop Forum Spam and two others) – it will be a real black mark on him and he’ll start having issues around the internet and accessing websites.

    So, Josh, I’ll move this thread to the tea promotions forum here but I hope that you’ll become a regular member of our community and I recommend that you resist the urge to post promotional links to your store in such a pseudo-review way on other websites. This is me giving you the benefit of the doubt despite the spammy post above. I recognize that you are trying to get ahead and do something cool with tea and I am a supporter of that, but there are expected rules about promoting your company on the internet.

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    * I second that way of thinking. For whatever my thinking is worth.

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    Your thinking is worth several pots of good tea @bram, served in a silver teapot. The one you have at home. 😛

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    Anonymous @

    Wow, you guys are good. 

    Well please do allow me to first apologize for such “blackhat” techniques. 

    I’ve just built this website, and business and I’m trying desperately to get business, but it’s running thin and I’m not getting anywhere near as much as I need. 
    I haven’t got much capital, so other sources of promotion are out of the question, but I thought my next best option would be to try boost  my SEO, and I’m sorry I resorted to writing a false story from what seemed to be a poorly written client review. 

    I do appreciate the chance, and I shall try my best to become part of the community! 

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    Thanks @joshua11 – glad you are on board. I had a look at your store and think you are on to something cool. We have another Aussie around here too who also likes to run market stalls so you are in familiar company.

    I had a look at your store and I’ll tell you that if you are short on cash, I can save you money. You can setup a website and store here on the Tea Trade Network (our system is based on WordPress) for less than what Shopify charges. In fact, I specifically setup our pricing to compete directly with Shopify. Take a look at our Tea Trader program and think about. Depending on how you choose to pay, the ability to setup a store here can be accessed for less than $2 a month. We have a transaction fee of 6%.

    Looking at your blog, I see that you are already familiar with WordPress so it shouldn’t be hard for you to get the hang of setting up a store here and you get the added benefit of having me as your personal WordPress and tech support consultant just for being a member.

    Have a think about and shoot me a PM if you are interested. Tea Trade is a built-in tea community designed to support exactly what you are doing.

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    Robert Godden

    @joshua11 Start by adding an actual picture of yourself and some more detail. 

    And I can attest to @peter ‘s skills with regard to setting up your shop. Look at one of mine for starters. Pete has created six sites for us at last count.

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