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    Not surprisingly perhaps Argo Tea is expanding largely due to it’s growing RTD cold bottled offerings. To me that’s sad because it isn’t tea, it’s a different drink. I know @iheartteas won’t mind though. Nor will @teaformeplease. Austin Hodge of Seven Cups posed the interesting question whether iced tea could become as compelling a drink as a hot oolong for example? Not to me it could. Really that would make a good separate forum question. More on Argo’s plans’ here.

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    @iheartteas – I know you replied to this topic earlier but it was accidentally deleted. What I mean is, it wasn’t supposed to be possible to reply to my forum post from the activity stream. Only in the actual post itself. While trying to work out why that had happened your comment got deleted. If you’re not too weak from lack of tea, can you drop a rehash of your response here?

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    I don’t mind bottled teas, but I prefer to brew them myself if possible.

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