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    While most of you probably know me as a “tea person”, there’s a lot more than I am interested in, and one of my other hobbies is birdwatching. And, in case anyone here is interested in wild birds or birdwatching…

    I think one of the best resources for birdwatchers, whether the casual hobbyist or backyard/window birdwatcher, or the die-hard birding enthusiast, is eBird. eBird is a joint effort of the National Audubon Society (in the US) and the Cornell Lab of Orthinology. But the site recently went global.

    And it is simply an amazing resource…it’s a site that allows you to enter bird observations, as well as view other people’s data. It’s a great way for you to keep track of your own bird observations, look up sightings in an area so that you can either know what to expect or locate where and when to see a particular species of bird you may be looking for, and most importantly, to contribute your bird observations to a database so that they can be used by other birders as well as used by scientists to advance both science and conservation efforts.

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