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    I found this

    What do you think of this classification?

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    Have to remember this one for my trip to Berlin next year and check it out. 🙂

    I don’t think it would work for every tea shop but being an exception might be very interesting for those costumers who dare to experiment.

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    I like the idea of sorting teas by country of origin as this shop does. I guess it means they sell only single origin tea. No Assam mixed with Ceylon and such. Anyway, looks “ueber cool” – very trendy indeed. I hope the light that floods into it doesn’t affect the tea. As long as it’s not in glass jars – don’t see any – I guess it’ll be fine. Nice find @xavier

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    I didn’t go there.
    Next time, I travel to Berlin…

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    Anonymous @

    It’s really unusual for me, but I think that it’s very cozy experiment:)

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