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    @thedevotea has experienced some site crashing and “unresponsive” issues, anyone else had trouble? I haven’t had any recent fails, so I’m just wondering.

  • Yes I frequently get 404 memory issues and of course e-commerce issues with customers placing orders and me not getting order info.

  • I get the 404 occasionally, I also get the Fatal Memory allocation thing a bit. Am now worried by the second part of Rachel’s reply. Anyone else seeing this. and @Iheartteas – how do you know. Do they still show up on the orders list?


  • I think it’s just me right now. I know lucky me right. Pete is on the case. Lucky for me I have very understanding and kind customers. I contacted them myself and they send me the information I was missing. It may have already been resolved but I won’t know for sure until the next order comes in. So no need to stress or worry. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it probably won’t @thedevotea

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    @thedevotea – you don’t need to worry that you are losing sales from customers which you never knew about. Rachel knew an order had been placed by a certain customer but she didn’t know what. Pete has been talking to Rachel, so she’s up to date.

    The memory issue we’re still actively looking at solutions. We were hoping to be able to spend a little less because we are financing all of this out of our own pocket and social sites don’t make money. Shows how much we love tea and everyone here : P

  • Exactly @thedevotea no worries. I didn’t mean to cause a concern. I guess I just didn’t explain myself correctly. Sorry about the confusion.

  • I just logged on to find none of my images are showing in the header or posts. Any idea why that is?

  • Never mind seems back to normal now. :)

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    @thepurrfectcup – I was doing some security hardening stuff on one of the file directories and ended up locking out the image processing for all the blogs. The problem was just me tinkering around under the hood again! Sorry about that!

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    I’m also going to close this thread since its for an old issue. When something like this occurs, its always best to start a new thread so it gets attention sooner.

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