• seule771 posted an update 10 years ago

    Hi everyone,
    I walking next weekend for AIDS Action Committee’s AIDS Walk (http://action.aac.org/) and I wanted others to wish me well and to have a good walk. It is not as long as other walks I have done; I do this one alone; along side of folks I do not know or seemingly not know. I am inviting for folks to say: remember me or such horror. Just wish me well, despite wordings. Thank you for having me around since what I do is not necessarily tea related.

    I am enjoying the last of my Orange Pekoe Teas as iced tea which begins as hotly as I can take it and leaving it to cool, but this house has not ice because Frigidaire is too full. Again, thanks.

    • Have a good walk and a nice iced tea.

      • You are kind. I only walked for two charities this year; this will be two. I walk too much for too little but then what do I expect. A prayer since I have yet to post my own donation to them and they are after me for it. I must pick up a jacket for it as well (I don’t have to) but I saw one to wear; what I need are good pair of walking sandals like Echoes or the likes but no such luck. I spend too much and don’t save for big things.

        I am not much on Iced tea, only cool after I boil the tea to death. Again thank you and best in all.