• peter posted an update 5 years, 8 months ago

    The other day @jackie asked some questions of @teacraft in the forums in the thread about @filoli-farms new tea plantation project. Nigel was unable to answer the questions because of client privilege, which is perfectly understandable. He did, however, offer a great suggestion about having some sort of dedicated area for technical tea industry related questions.
    Well, as a testament to our website-building prowess, I’m quickly working on a new Q&A website dedicated to the tea industry itself – and I got a great domain name to go with it! (http://teaindustry.net). The site is not ready, but the link goes to a rough homepage and the screenshot below gives you an idea of the Q&A format. I’ve pre-seeded some questions and plan to put more in before I launch. I also have a few programming issues to work out to get it all to working seamlessly with Tea Trade. For anyone who has ever used StackExchange, Quora, or Yahoo! Answers, the format will look familiar. There will be question and answer voting and the better answers earn you reputation points.
    For those who have been around awhile, you’ll know I’ve done a tea Q&A site before, but it was too general and it caused confusion with our forums so I killed it. This new website is going to be tea industry/business specific and not about the latest tea videos and other tea chatter. My intention is for it to evolve into a well-regarded resource of tea industry information for entrepreneurs whether they are retailers, middlemen or growers like @filoli-farms. More importantly, I want to compete with LinkedIn (how’s that for ambition for you?). Currently, there are several groups on LinkedIn where folks attempt to get answers to these types of questions – I think LinkedIn is over-rated and as part of our goal to make Tea Trade the hub of tea on the net, this new site is designed to steal those conversations away from the LinkedIn groups and bring them here.