• peter posted an update 9 years, 11 months ago

    Tea coupon codes.

    When you shop for tea online, do you try to find coupon codes for the company you are shopping with? Am exploring a new idea and want to see how popular they are.

    • I don’t actively seek them out, no. But I’m also more likely to place an order if I have a coupon code sitting in my inbox. If it’s the right coupon.

    • If I have a coupon I’ll use it. But as @teawench also said I don’t seek them out. Hard to find the one’s that really are legit.

    • So what if there was a website that was devoted to partnering with tea vendors to distribute coupon codes. A one stop shop of all the current tea-related coupon codes. Kind of like http://retailmenot.com, but devoted entirely to tea coupon codes? Imagine an entire directory of tea companies and a browesable selection of codes

      (yes, my mind is turning with possibilities and it very much is something Tea Trade can provide!)

    • I think it would be nice to have but there would need to be some ‘rules’, as it were. Places that gather coupon codes don’t usually have valid coupons. Either they’re expired with no notation to that fact or they’re just something some idiot made up to mess with people (I don’t actually know if people do this but I’ve rarely found a valid coupon code at these types of places).

      • I’m thinking not so much rules, but visitor feedback. People try to use it, then rate on whether or not it was successful. Ones that work rise to the top and ones that fail vanish. This is a model similar to what retailmenot uses and seems to work well. The other side of it is that because the site will be focused on capturing the people who are specifically looking for tea coupon codes there will be incentive to partner with companies and have them issue coupon codes just for us (that doesn’t prevent them from getting listed elsewhere, but we would have the chance to have them first).

        • That’s why I don’t use those coupon sites. Even with user feedback, it’s still a tossup as to whether or the codes are valid. Usually not on the ones I’ve tried. anyway. However, I do like the idea of partnering with vendors and that’s more what I was getting at.

    • +1