• liberteas posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago

    Wow! Guess what? I just unlocked my “getting into blogging” achievement. It’s awarded after five blog posts. Wow. Thanks for this acknowledgement.

    What kind of acknowledgement badge comes after 1652 blog posts?

    • Yes, t’was ridiculous. It was deleted from the stream pronto but you probably saw it in your notifications. I messaged you to let you know why it slipped through.

      • I also have had a few. “Congratulations on commenting five times” etc. And my well done you’ve blogged 5 times came AFTER my 100 times one. But given that I had used up all my whining points for that week, I let it slide. I figure it only counts from when it’s enabled. And anyway, it’s not the quantity of blogs, it’s how they make the world a better place for humanity and bring a little ray of sunshine into the reader’s heart. I’ve always thought so.

        • @thedevotea Yes, it only counts from when it was enabled – and manually awarding didn’t work though I tried. It also gets very complicated. Mostly it didn’t matter except for the blog posts. I’ll write a post about it soon. I knew you could make it to 5 times Robert, I always had faith in you : P

      • It made me laugh, and given that I’ve been feeling so icky over the last week, the laugh was a treasured moment of my day!