• Jackie posted an update 6 years, 2 months ago

    Ladies – I will have to cancel Thursday’s Ladies night, members of the tribe aren’t well. Next week? @iheartteas @jopj @thepurrfectcup @teaformeplease @teapages @gingkoseto et al.

    • replying to an update doesn’t require a computer, your phone will do..

      • I’m not actually able to do it with my phone. It requires logging in and an extreme amount of zooming which is a big drain on my battery. When I’m on the go (which is a lot of the time) preserving battery life is very important. If something urgent, I will almost always receive and reply to tweets right away.

        • Oops, sorry meant to delete my comment @teaformeplease. Was just testing how (badly) it works from my phone. Pete told me that Tea Trade is not set up for that at all. So, forget my phone comment please.