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    @gingkoseto‘s post didn’t show up in the activity stream so here it is again:
    [bpfb_link url=’http://lifeinteacup.teatra.de/2012/10/27/dry-stored-1989-yiwu-loose-sheng/’ title=’dry-stored 1989 Yiwu loose sheng | Life in Teacup’ image=’http://lifeinteacup.teatra.de/wp-content/themes/twentyten/images/headers/path.jpg’]{Off the topic for a second… here is something nice that I saw from a Russian tea forum! (with translation tool, of course…) –We look for the taste, not the “absolute truth.” A taste, as you know, everyone has their own. Those who love Puerh, understand what “diversity” means. I like it and think it’s true for a lot of teas and a lot of things… 
    And, oh my! There seem to be lots of puerh enthusiasts over there in Russia! Maybe it has to do wit culture, climate as well as diet?}[/bpfb_link]