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    [bpfb_link url=’http://lifeinteacup.teatra.de/2012/10/21/tea-kharma-a-high-mountain-orchid-green-tea-2/’ title=’tea kharma – a “high mountain orchid green tea” | Life in Teacup’ image=”]In Buddhism, kharma means “cause” or “effect” or “chain of cause and effect” or pre-destined relationship… It’s hard to summarize the exact meaning of it, I guess. Generally speaking, it’s very hard to trace the cause of a thing or to track the outcome of a thing. But it’s generally believed by Buddhists that good causes would lead to good outcomes, sooner or later. So doing good deeds or create good kharma is sort of like putting away money in your saving account, I guess [/bpfb_link]